Brand Building, Brand Transforming

October 27, 2018
By iQ Staff
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Our journey from a traditional PR firm specializing in crisis communication to a full-service agency with creative, digital and content capabilities began seven years ago. Since then, our team has grown and rounded out our expertise in digital marketing, design, UX and public affairs.

Today, we are just as likely to be contacted to conduct a transformational brand audit and brand positioning project for a publicly traded company as we are to handle a high-stakes public relations campaign with national reach.


Our brand transformation

When brands change, as many inevitably do, they should always revisit their communication strategy to ensure they are sharing their core message with the people who matter most: their target audience.

So, we rolled up our sleeves and spent the last few months taking a look at how we communicate, from our website to our social media channels.

Whenever a company goes through the process of revamping its brand, it is an opportunity to ask fundamental questions about that company’s vision and values. We did that. And we discovered that while what we do has evolved, the question of how and why we do it hasn’t changed much at all. We are still resourceful, driven by excellence, hungry to learn, and ready to do whatever it takes to get the job done, but we’ve also grown.

We asked people that know us what makes us stand apart.  They told us we’re the ones they call when they have thorny problems that defy a standard approach. We’re proud to be the partner that provides valuable insights and nontraditional ideas. Who can be trusted to help organizations navigate their toughest communication challenges. That’s who we are.


Changing how we communicate

From this, we’ve created a website that conveys who we are and how we’ve grown. We’re also revamping our blog to create content that adds value to executives, thought leaders and communicators at all stages of their career.

We look forward to sharing how and what we do on this blog. We invite you to share your ideas and join our discussion about communication on our social media channels.