What's Your (Font) Type? Imagining Our Favorite Celebrities as Fonts

July 17, 2019
By iQ Staff
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Close-up of vintage metal letterpress printing blocks in a jumble of letters and symbols.

iQ 360's design team likes to keep its creative juices flowing. After looking at fonts all day, our designers decided to pair their favorite celebrities with the fonts that embody them. Fonts, like people, have their own unique personalities.

Typography plays an important role in visual communication, setting the tone, acting as the voice and helping deliver the message. Slight changes in height, weight or angle can drastically impact the perception of a brand. When choosing fonts, ask yourself: "Does this font send the right message? Does it reflect my brand well?"

Scott's Picks

Font: Chuck
Qualities: Provocative, quirky, nostalgic

Font: Miller Banner
Qualities: Powerful, graceful, dynamic
Lissa's Picks

Font: Eckmannpsych - Small
Qualities: Goofy, loud, unapologetically unrefined

Font: Ainsdale - Medium Italic
Qualities: Lanky, mischevious, and quick
Jordan's Picks

Font: Titania
Qualities: Stylish, classic, distinguished

Font: Optima
Qualities: Elegant, timeless, adaptable
Mike's Picks

Font: Simpsonfont
Qualities: Playful, light-hearted, quirky

Font: Freehouse - Rough
Qualities: Weathered, bold, vintage