2023 Super Bowl Commercials: Our Top Picks

February 15, 2023
By iQ Staff
people wearing green track suits from Squid Game

Companies paid approximately $7 million this year for a 30-second ad during Super Bowl LVII. Among the ads, there was no shortage of celebrities and beer, as expected. It will be interesting to see the impact the ads have on brand recognition for the lesser known entries such as the human resources solutions company, Workday. See below for a quick rundown of our favorites.


The funny one:

Samuel Adams cheers up Boston.



The important one:

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center reminds us to support co-workers who have been diagnosed with cancer. (New York region only)


The effective one:

Squarespace and Adam Driver make sure that everyone understands what Squarespace does.


The interesting one:

Netflix will feature General Motors electric vehicles in their films and shows, and they won’t be subtle about it! When Will Ferrell talks, we listen.



The surprising one:

We didn’t think KISS and human resources made sense in the same sentence but kudos to Workday for pulling it off.