Dare to be Deliberate: Lori Teranishi

October 28, 2021
By iQ Staff
Promotional graphic for a podcast titled "Dare to be Deliberate" featuring an interview with Lori Teranishi, hosted by Angee Linsey.

Angee Linsey is an award-winning communications professional and career coach. She regularly speaks at conferences around the world and at academic institutions. She authored the book, Dare to be Deliberate – Level Up Your Communications Career, a guide for mid-to-senior level communications professionals who want to be more intentional in how they manage their careers.

Our founder and CEO Lori Teranishi was featured on Angee’s podcast, Dare to be Deliberate, where she shared her insights on leadership, career development, and being a lifetime learner.


"Throughout my career, I always sought jobs that gave me the greatest opportunities to learn. It wasn't really about the money, of course, we all have to make money, but for me, it was looking at where I could go to accumulate knowledge and become better and better as a communicator."


Click the link below to listen to their conversation.

An Interview with Lori Teranishi, CEO iQ360