Creating a Digital Program: How to Build B2B Relationships Online

August 21, 2019
By iQ Staff
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Relationships are the key to business success. But how do you build a relationship online? How do you scale those relationships? How do you do it cost effectively and prove that your work delivers on business objectives? These are the questions many B2B marketers are faced with when they try to build a digital program.

Relationships are built on shared experiences; they grow with engagement and they prosper when companies build trust and have space to collaborate. Applying these truths to your digital program will help you influence your prospects and win new business.


Build relationships online, at scale

According to Gallup, “Companies generate impact by developing an intimate, extensive knowledge of their customer's business and proactively bringing fresh ideas that enhance the customer's business and bottom line. This approach deepens the customer relationship and shifts the focus from commodity to collaboration.” In short, demonstrating relevant and deep knowledge while providing value to your prospects will help you build a relationship with them.

One of the best ways to apply this principle to digital marketing is through the development of tools, resources and research that help your prospective customers reach their business goals. Don’t just push services and products — start providing value.


“Relationships are built on shared experiences.”


Identify opportunities

To help you identify impactful marketing opportunities, here are some questions to consider with your marketing team:

1. Awareness: Do our prospective clients know who we are?

Consider a video to explain who you are and what you do. Use various mediums to deliver your message to your target audience.

2. Consideration:Do our prospective clients trust us and our unique approach to solve their problem?

Launch a native advertising campaign to showcase your company’s niche solutions. Distribute content over platforms like Outbrain, Taboola or LinkedIn.

3. Findability: Can people find our company in their moment of need?

Invest in search engine optimization and paid search to make sure that your prospects find you (and not your competitors) when searching for your services.

4. Exploration: How can we drive more qualified leads to engage with our company?

Offer your clients value, whether it is a webinar on an industry issue, a white paper on your latest research or an online calculator, make sure you are building a relationship with your prospects. Engaging with your prospects in real life builds trust; interactive experiences online do the same. Consider ways to keep the lines of communication open when building your digital mediums and deploying campaigns.

5. Conversion: Do our landing pages and website convert visitors?

Use your website’s analytics to identify your conversion rate and revisit your online booking process. Optimize these factors with the intent to improve your conversion rate.

6. Retention: Once we close a deal, how do we continue the relationship with our clients?

Develop industry alerts or newsletters, organic social content or community forms exclusively for existing clients.


Parting words

Not even the most advanced algorithm or expensive digital ad campaign can move your prospects without the power of relationship building. Treat your customers with the same level of service and hospitality online as you would in person. Creating intentional experiences online will differentiate you from your competitors.