iQ 360 Rebranded: Perspectives from Lori Teranishi

November 07, 2023
By Lori Teranishi
Lori Teranishi

iQ 360 recently introduced a new logo and refreshed its website to reflect the growth and development of our business. Founder and CEO, Lori Teranishi, shared her perspective on these changes in the Q&A below.


What does this rebranding represent for iQ 360?

iQ 360 has evolved into a premier, woman- and minority-owned communications consultancy. We create value for our clients by bringing perspectives forged through years of professional experience. Our consultants, who include MBAs, lawyers, designers and former CCOs, help clients see around corners to identify and manage risks and stay ahead of the competition. This evolution is reflected in our refreshed brand identity.


Why now?

iQ 360 was founded in 2010 as iQ PR, with a focus on the communications challenges facing some of the world’s most influential technology companies. In response to their needs, we expanded our capabilities and became a full-service integrated marketing and communications agency, swapping “PR” for “360” a few years later. Since then, we’ve grown to work with an even wider range of businesses, government agencies and nonprofits on high-stakes initiatives. While our values are the same, the timing seemed right to align our visual identity with the current nature of our work, and the bright future we see for ourselves.


How do the website and logo reflect iQ 360 today?

Our logo is a visual distillation of who we are – our past, present and future. The sharp lines and boldface lettering reflect the distinct viewpoint we bring to clients, echoing the first line of our company code, “We deliver bold ideas.”


iQ 360 rebranded logo


Our website now features streamlined content and design elements inspired by our core beliefs. And, of course, we retained our iconic “iQ 360 green,” which is more than just a color — it’s become part of our history and identity and is something our clients tell us repeatedly that they associate with us.

We believe strongly in the power of visual communications as a complement to the words we use. Our refreshed visual branding represents who we are today: a diverse collection of strategic thought partners who work alongside our clients to navigate challenging situations while protecting and generating value.


How are you letting people know about the new brand identity?

We don’t expect to take up too much of people’s time with talk about a new logo, but we want to be sure it makes sense to our clients, who entrust us with critical and meaningful work. So, we’ve prepared content across all channels to help our clients and other stakeholders understand these changes.

Meanwhile, the iQ 360 blog is full of diverse perspectives, advice and tactics, and this, too, is evolving to reflect the needs and interests of our clients, friends, partners and professional peers.


What was the biggest challenge you faced during this rebranding process?

As always, it’s hard to take time away from client work to devote to ourselves. But it’s important that we treat ourselves as a client every so often. We felt a need to bring our visual identity into line with the current experience our clients and our employees have of our business.


What advice do you have for other companies planning a rebrand?

We’ve built brand foundations, visual identities and websites for many organizations and pride ourselves on our quick, strategic, pragmatic approach. Invariably we find that no matter what else is going on at the time, this process tends to invigorate and strengthen the relationships between our clients and their stakeholders. It’s a smart thing to do every few years.