Four things communicators can be thankful for

November 27, 2019
By iQ Staff
Raised hands holding green hearts.

The halls are decked, the turkeys are ready for the oven, and the sweet treats are out in full force. The holiday season is officially upon us.

The holidays give us a reason to pause and express our gratitude to friends and family. But there’s also lots in the field of communications to be thankful for.


Inspiring clients

Let’s take a moment to recognize the clients that see their communications agency as an extension of their own team. The ones that have realistic expectations of what a new website, content strategy or brand identity can and can’t do (hint: it can’t fix a subpar product or bad customer service). The clients that come to us with big ideas and ask to be taken out of their comfort zone. We call these clients partners, collaborators and friends.


Colleagues we can count on

Going to the office every day doesn’t have to be a drag when you have awesome co-workers to help you brainstorm, provide a new perspective on a situation or cheer on your client successes. As a wise man once said, communications is a team sport, and anything worth doing in this industry is done in groups. Thank your colleagues for pushing you to do your best work.


A wealth of creative opportunity

Chatbots. VR. Interactive content. Visual storytelling. Consumers are interacting with brands in so many different ways, and it’s our job to make sense of it all. It may sound daunting, but communicators have virtually limitless opportunities to explore different media, platforms and tools and get creative with how we use them. Rich visual media is a must, but so is content that actively strives to be raw, unedited and authentic. Our toolbox is full of new ways to engage with audiences.


“Communication has the power to change the world and that’s what we love about being in this industry.”


Powerful stories to tell

As more organizations focus on their social and environmental impact, or look to promote equity and inclusion, we have an opportunity to tell meaningful stories and share inspiring messages to audiences all over the world. There’s no shortage of people and businesses doing amazing things worth talking about. Most importantly, when we tell these stories, we can focus on and even strengthen the power of human connection. Communication has the power to change the world and that’s what we love about being in this industry.


From our family to yours, have a happy Thanksgiving!