Get Media Coverage For Your PR Event [INFOGRAPHIC]

May 29, 2019
By iQ Staff
A confident woman giving a presentation, with an audience silhouette and spotlight in the background.

A well-executed event is a powerful PR tool. From launch parties to press conferences to community fairs or workshops, events can raise an organization’s visibility in the community, promote products or services, or create a touch point for reaching customers.

Events usually present an opportunity to generate positive media coverage for an organization. Planning an event fit for media involves much more than booking a venue or scheduling speakers. Don’t forget the most important parts of any media event.


Anatomy of a Media Event

Anatomy of a Media Event

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Media Spokesperson: The face of your organization

He or she will participate in promotion leading up to the big day and be available for interviews at the event. Prep your spokesperson with talking points about the event and why your organization is involved.


Media Invite: Your hand to extend

Send a media advisory to reporters that contains the who, what, where, when and why of the event, details such as parking info, an event schedule and on-site contact. If media outlets cover your event leading up to the big day, share it on social media to amplify coverage.


Press Release: Your leg to stand on

A press release is an official announcement from your organization that gives media outlets all the information they need to cover your event. It should offer facts about your event, relevant information about your company and a quote from your spokesperson that provides context around the announcement.


Event Agenda: The heart of your event

 Schedule the most media-worthy parts of your event in one block and during a time when you’ll have the highest attendance. When inviting the media, offer your event schedule and recommend the best times to attend — for instance, when your VIP is scheduled to speak or when the check presentation begins.


Event Logistics: The backbone of your event

Hold your event when reporters will be most likely to attend, and not an hour before they need to file their story. Steer clear of holidays or busy weekends to avoid competing with other news stories. Don’t forget about visuals. Ensure the stage has event signage or a logo, and that media members have space to set up with a clear view.