iQ 360 Welcomes New Senior Vice President, Eliot Dobris

November 29, 2023
By iQ Staff

Eliot Dobris joined the iQ 360 team as a senior vice president based in San Francisco. In this role, Eliot will provide communications strategy to help clients across the country address emerging challenges and build value.

Eliot initially joined the team as a part-time senior consultant in early 2023. He has a wealth of marketing and crisis communications experience with health, life sciences, nonprofit and retail brands.


Get To Know Eliot With These Fun Facts:


person planting a plant

1. A Gift for Gardening

Eliot’s passion for gardening shines through in the lush and vibrant oasis he’s cultivated in his backyard.



2. An Expert in the Kitchen

With produce grown in his garden, Eliot creates delectable dishes that tantalize the taste buds and celebrate the seasons.



3. Out and About

When Eliot’s not working, he can be found enjoying a hike with his husband, exploring the natural beauty of northern California’s forests.


soft shell tacos with limes

4. Hunting for Tacos

Eliot and his husband, who is from Mexico, love tacos, and are always on the hunt for new Mexican restaurants and taco trucks.


cup of coffee

5. Strong Coffee

Eliot loves black coffee and makes a couple of pour-overs every morning.