Welcome iQ 360’s New Senior Account Coordinator, Josh Adachi

March 15, 2023
By iQ Staff
Josh A.

Josh Adachi joined the iQ 360 team as a senior account coordinator. Based in Seattle, Washington, Josh provides marketing and communications support to clients in Hawaii and on the Mainland. He brings expertise in content marketing and B2B marketing.


Get To Know Josh With These Fun Facts:



1. Goalkeeper

Josh grew up playing soccer. He played on Seattle University’s team as a goalkeeper. Go Redhawks!



2. Beach Boy

When he’s not in the office, Josh is usually at the beach. He loves to dive, explore the ocean, fall asleep with the sun overhead, and enjoy a nice ocean breeze.


soccer cleats

3. Shoe Collector

Josh loves shoes. His obsession started with soccer cleats and quickly broadened to all types of shoes. He’s run out of closet space for shoes for now, but he plans to continue growing his collection soon.


rice bowl

4. Favorite Meal: Rice

He admits that it sounds weird, but Josh loves rice for its simplicity. He can’t go without eating a good bowl of rice for long.



5. Videographer

In his free time, Josh makes videos of his outdoor adventures. It helps him reflect on past experiences, appreciate life, and motivates him to find his next adventure.