Welcome iQ 360’s New Senior Account Manager, Katie Arita-Chang

January 25, 2023
By iQ Staff
Headshot of Katie Arita-Chang

Katie Arita-Chang joined the iQ 360 team as a senior account manager in its Honolulu office. In this role, Katie provides marketing and communications support to a roster of exceptional clients in Hawaii and on the Mainland. She brings eight years of experience in government and nonprofit communications.


Get To Know Katie With These Fun Facts:


Tray of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies in an oven.

1. Baker

Everyone in Katie’s family is an excellent baker and she has fond memories of helping her mom, brother, and aunties in the kitchen. Baking makes Katie feel more connected to her family. Her latest obsession is cooking with browned butter because you don't need to wait for the butter to come to room temperature before using it!


Assorted personal items scattered on a wooden surface, including a bag, watch, wallet, and perfume.

2. Bag Lady

Katie can’t live without her giant, overfilled purse, which you can basically use to stock a pharmacy or convenience store.


Plate of krautfleckerl

3. Krautfleckerl, Please!

When visiting Vienna, Katie tried and loved krautfleckerl, an egg noodle pasta dish with caramelized cabbage. Unfortunately, it’s very hard to find stateside.


Capitol building

4. Weird Obsession: Watching C-SPAN

Katie used to watch C-SPAN in her office while working in the Senate, and now watching Congressional floor proceedings soothes her.


Digital camera on tripod focused on a blurred woman speaking, screen shows sharp video recording of her.

5. A Storyteller

While in high school, Katie took a videography class and studied Steve Hartman’s “Everybody Has a Story” segments. She learned that everyone has a story worth sharing and it led her to a career in communications. She loves working with clients to tell their stories.