Introducing iQ 360’s New Digital Designer, Sascha Fujiwara

September 27, 2023
By iQ Staff

Sascha Fujiwara joined the iQ 360 team as a digital designer in its Honolulu office. In this role, Sascha will deliver design and animation services across a wide range of industries.


Get To Know Sascha With These Fun Facts:



1. A Hankering for Homesteading

Sascha’s life goal is homesteading, where she’d cultivate a harmonious haven, blending tradition and innovation to craft a sustainable and fulfilling life in tune with the land.


couple holding hands

2. Wedding Party

In 2022, Sascha got married at EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival). Right after the wedding, she saw the Swedish DJ Alesso perform.



3. Living Off the Land

When she’s not at work, Sascha can be found foraging for edible plants and seafood.



4. Animal Lover

Sascha has two dogs, one cat and four guinea pigs she can’t live without.


spray paint cans

5. Art Collector

Sascha has a huge collection of photos of random street art. Everything from small stickers to murals.