Welcome iQ 360’s Newest Office Manager, Sawako Shimizu

May 18, 2022
By iQ Staff
Headshot of Sawako Shimizu.

Sawako Shimizu recently joined the iQ 360 team as office manager in its Honolulu office. She brings over 30 years of administrative experience in the hospitality and travel industry. Sawako will manage a variety of operational functions and will provide human resources and bookkeeping support for the firm’s local and mainland teams.




Indoor plants on a wooden table basking in sunlight, a tranquil touch of greenery.

1. A Plant Mama

Sawako’s happy place is in her garden with her “plant babies.” She loves flowers and created a garden with over 100 plants during the pandemic.


A collection of traditional Japanese Kokeshi dolls with various designs.

2. A Collector

Sawako collects Japanese dolls, kimonos, and obis. She’s amassed a collection of hundreds of kimonos, obi, and kokeshi.


The Great Pyramids of Giza with a caravan of camels.

3. Destination: Egypt

Sawako’s dream vacation destination is Egypt. She’s considering visiting after she retires.


Two hands holding pencils ready to write, one pink and the other green.

4. A Southpaw

Sawako was born left-handed, but growing up, her mom trained her to use her right hand – a common practice in Japan.


A silhouetted figure in a hat against a backdrop of city skyline.

5. A Fan Of Thrillers

Sawako loves crime and mystery novels. Her favorite authors are Tess Gerritsen and Patricia Cornwell.