Women We Admire

March 08, 2023
By iQ Staff
This image is a collage of four women, each successful in their field, shown in various professional settings.

International Women’s Day (March 8) celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women around the world. As a woman-owned business, iQ 360 is proud to celebrate women achieving success in all industries. We spoke with a few of our team members about the women they admire, from businesswomen to country pop stars to ballet dancers and more.


Misty Copeland Teaches Ballet Technique

Credit: PopSugar

“My pick is Misty Copeland. I just saw her on TV this weekend and was reminded how incredible and trailblazing she is.

Her journey to become the first Black principal ballerina in the American Ballet Theatre’s 75-year history shows incredible perseverance, character and just natural talent. Everything was stacked against her, from an unsupportive family to being told she has a non-traditional ballerina body to extra scrutiny, but she didn’t let that stop her.”

- Lyssa Fujie, Vice President


Michelle Yeoh holding her golden globe

Credit: InStyle

“A woman I admire is Michelle Yeoh. At 60 years old, she is at the peak of her career and has had so much international success. Besides being an amazing actor with impressive martial arts skills, she’s also a Global Ambassador for the United Nations Development Programme.”

- Lynn Miyahira, Vice President


“I admire Amanda Staveley for her remarkable business acumen and negotiation skills, particularly in investment baking and private equity. I am not only impressed by her pivotal role in the high-profile Saudi Arabia consortium buyout of Newcastle United, but also deeply inspired by her ability to excel in a traditionally male-dominated field. As a woman on the board of directors of a sports team, she is a true trailblazer, breaking down barriers and paving the way for future generations of women in business.”

- Janet Davis, Account Manager


“A woman I admire is Shania Twain. She had very humble beginnings, suffered abuse, dealt with numerous childhood tragedies, betrayal, and even contracted Lyme disease. Despite facing so much adversity, especially in her early years, she was still able to raise her siblings, become an industry pioneer, stand up for her own creative instincts, and become a symbol for women empowerment. Let’s go, girls!”

- Jordan Ozaki, Account Manager


Ava DuVernay behind the scenes of Queen Sugar.

Credit: Vulture

“A woman I admire is Ava DuVernay. An extraordinary filmmaker, DuVernay is well renowned for directing a number of critically acclaimed films and television shows. She is also the first African American woman to win Best Director at the Sundance Film Festival, to receive a Golden Globe nomination for best director, and the first woman of color to direct an Oscar-nominated Best Picture film.”

- Bianca Kahele-Fontanilla, Account Executive