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The conversation begins where your organization’s priorities meet your stakeholders’ perceptions and needs.

We take a 360-degree view of your business, examining the market drivers, extra-market (economic, political, social) forces and organizational power centers in relation to your strategic objectives. We analyze what’s changing and what needs to change. And we formulate and execute a plan that will accelerate your progress against the backdrop of AI and other technological advances, economic cycles and geopolitical dynamics.

Transformation. We have developed public health campaigns directed at communities of color and indigenous populations to promote healthier lifestyles, like getting vaccinated and stopping tobacco use. To change the perception of Hawaii as a vacation-only destination, we created an award-winning global campaign that made a billion impressions on people who were encouraged to consider its suitability for professionals with remote work aspirations. We have provided strategic communications support for one of the nation’s largest healthcare companies as it underwent major cultural, operational and leadership changes.

What we do
CEO Excellence
Change Management
HR Consulting
Organizational, Purpose, Values & Culture

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ESG & Sustainability Communication

Every ESG consideration has multiple dimensions — risk and reward, gains and losses, criticism from the left or the right.

Organizations seeking to create a sustainable competitive advantage must treat ESG not as reputation-burnishing, but as central to their strategy. We help companies devise and implement ESG programs and narratives that align business requirements, culture, capabilities and competitive realities with the interests and concerns of all stakeholders.

ESG. Above all, we keep up with critical new developments in this vast, quickly evolving area, which enables us to provide smart guidance to clients, who comprise CEOs, boards of directors, chief legal counsels, business unit heads, principals of investment firms and chief sustainability officers. We write and design award-winning ESG reports. We tackle high-visibility issues with critical ESG considerations such as carbon emissions, fossil fuel usage, and the treatment of workers throughout the supply chain.

At a global technology company, we produced a study for the board of directors to help it decide the level of detail it shared about the diversity of its workforce. We assisted a major utility in advising a state public utility commission about plans to further develop an industry-leading shift to renewable energy. We developed a strategic plan, brand foundation and stakeholder outreach tools for a state air quality management agency offering a new government funding mechanism to clean tech companies.

What we do
ESG Reporting
Strategy Alignment & Development
Employee Communications
Media Relations
Investor Impact Report
Stakeholder Engagement
Design & Branding

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Crisis Communication

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.”

We help organizations build crisis preparedness plans and rehearse crisis scenarios on a regular basis to ensure that they’re prepared for events beyond their control. Our goal is always to help clients emerge from a crisis not just having survived, but in a stronger position than when they entered it.

There’s often a reflexive reach for words during a crisis – “What should we say?” Our team operates on the principle that actions precede words. We help our clients align crisis management approaches with both their organizational culture and values.

Crisis Preparedness and Management. We’ve been called upon for labor disputes, natural and man-made disasters, organizational restructurings and high stakes litigation. We managed the state of Hawaii’s communications at the height of the pandemic, explaining vaccination options, educating the public on reducing risk of infection, directing distressed people to various types of aid, informing parents about school changes, and helping the business community organize its response to a sudden drop in tourism, which is the state’s largest economic driver.

We also provided communications guidance for reopening of Hawaii to travel during the pandemic, establishing vaccination and entry protocols that were subsequently adopted in the continental United States and by other countries. For crisis preparation, we conduct audits of existing plans to address emergencies and write new plans when needed. We also develop scenarios and run table-top exercises during which response and responsibility gaps are inevitably identified.

What we do
Reputation Management
Crisis Planning
Crisis Management
Social Media Monitoring
Media Monitoring
Litigation Communication

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Brand Building & Creative Design

We deliver bold ideas. We do things the right way. We work without ego.

We approach each assignment not as traditional “Four P” marketers, but as pragmatic communicators. No jargon. No razzle-dazzle. We simply apply our understanding of business strategy, human behavior, data analytics and the dynamics of communication to help organizations build and protect brands that enable them to win in the marketplace.

Brand and Reputation. We develop and defend brands for small, mid-size, and large organizations. Our work to protect and strengthen reputations encompasses stakeholder engagement, often including the investment community, regulators, elected officials, activists, business partners, and NGOs. Examples include helping a major food company protect its brand as it faced significant financial and legal challenges stemming from pandemic-related business decline; winning public recognition for a major utility’s environmental leadership; drawing attention to the innovative practices of one of America’s leading healthcare companies; and developing strategies to help several new food companies explode in popularity throughout the United States.

What we do
Identity Design
Brand Positioning
Visual Storytelling
Digital Content
Design Strategy

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Marketing Communication

To succeed, marketing campaigns must be flexible, resonant and compelling enough to spark meaningful action.

iQ 360 devises and executes integrated, multi-channel marketing campaigns to help our clients achieve their business objectives. Our multidisciplinary team takes a 360-degree view of market participants and market forces, combines it with buyer insight, and delivers results quickly and pragmatically.

We help clients navigate the digital realm and develop platform-specific content that meets business objectives. We also recognize the continued importance of traditional forms of media as part of the marketing mix, even though quantifying their impact is more difficult.

What we do
Program Design & Implementation
Marketing & Content Strategy
Social Media Monitoring
Digital Campaign Development & Execution
Platform Specific Copy Development
Brand & Message Development
Search Engine Optimization

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Public Affairs

As the most trusted people in America today, corporate leaders are increasingly expected to take a stand on issues that may be only loosely related to their business operations.

We look beyond the surface of an issue to identify underlying drivers and risks, peripheral players and motives, Save stakeholder needs and interests. Then we develop and execute a practical plan to identify and enlist allies, maneuver past obstacles and bring about lasting change.

Issues Management. We’ve taken on a host of assignments relating to class action lawsuits against high-visibility companies, schools, and organizations. We’ve provided communications counsel to a state facing a major threat to its water supply. We have managed conflict communications related to elected officials responding to public accusations, quality complaints against home builders, strikes by organized labor, and the theft of intellectual property.

What we do
Program Design & Implementation
Marketing & Content Strategy
Social Media Monitoring

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Don’t take our word for it

Creating an Award-winning ESG Report for Hawaiian Electric Industries

Crisis Management and PR for the End of an Era

iQ 360 is a proud member of Public Relations Organisation International (PROI), the world’s largest partnership of independent agencies. Through PROI, we are linked seamlessly to top business consultancies in close to 100 capital cities across the globe.

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