Are you ready for what lies just around the corner?

When a business is under pressure, its leaders’ actions are subject to heightened scrutiny.The iQ 360 Recession Toolkit helps businesses prepare to manage the risks arising from an economic downturn.

The looming threat

We’ve been operating in a period of nearly continuous economic expansion since 2009. Now, as a potentially high-magnitude global recession looms, many business leaders are faced with situations and decisions they haven’t encountered in 13 years – and some never before in their working lives.

Their decisions and actions in the period ahead will have potentially enormous consequences for their businesses and their brands.

What’s at risk

Every economic downturn presents a range of challenges. Here are just a few examples:

  • Revenue declines
  • Budget cuts
  • Staff reductions
  • Strategic realignment
  • Customer defections
  • Competitive vulnerability
  • Shareholder lawsuits
  • Labor disputes
  • Setbacks in ESG and diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives

iQ 360 Recession Toolkit

Prepare yourself and your team to address recession challenges before it’s too late. The toolkit includes:

Business risk identification and analysis

Scenario planning

Change communication skills workshops and/or individual coaching for people managers

“Pivot planning” to identify and seize new opportunities through a downturn

Change communication playbooks

Purpose-driven mission statement development to maintain organizational alignment and engagement

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.”

Warren Buffet

Protect Yourself Today

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