Lori Teranishi

Founder and Principal

Lori is iQ 360’s founder and fearless leader, based in our Honolulu office. She provides strategic counsel and business-oriented communications solutions to some of the largest, oldest and most esteemed companies in Hawaii.


Lori has more than 20 years of communications experience under her belt, specializing in crisis communications and issues management. She has a successful track record of protecting executive and brand reputations in the face of high-profile litigation, mass company layoffs, regulatory investigations (congressional, FTC, DOJ, EPA, FDIC), bankruptcy and reorganization, product defects, natural disasters and class actions, including one of the largest class-action settlements in U.S. history.


In her pre-iQ days, Lori oversaw product and technology PR at Visa, launched a global loyalty program and served as chief of staff to the company’s chief operating officer. She spent most of her professional life in the Bay Area, earning an MBA from the University of San Francisco, establishing the predecessor firm to iQ 360, and eating lots of kale and quinoa. Hawaii called her home in 2011, where she built the iQ 360 team, earned her nonofficial title of Crossfit Queen and became a semi-professional glamper.