Communications Headlines with Lori Teranishi

December 09, 2021
By iQ Staff
PRWeek podcast

iQ 360 founder and CEO, Lori Teranishi, joined PRWeek’s editorial director Steve Barrett and executive editor Frank Washkuch on The PR Week podcast, PRWeek's weekly round-up of everything that matters in the world of PR and communications.

Lori discussed the Hawaiian and Asian values that have shaped business and culture in Hawaii. She also offered a new perspective on communications firms and their evolving roles in the business world.

“Because the big agencies don’t have a strong presence in Hawaii and the local business community here doesn’t have rigid notions about what a communications firm can and can’t do, we’ve really taken the license to innovate here and do the work that we think matters,” Lori explained. “We take a broader scale view of communications and try to fix problems in ways that contribute to Hawaii achieving a better future and providing leadership, frankly, to the world.”

Other topics included:

  • Hawaii’s leadership in sustainability, DE&I and the respect shown to indigenous people
  • PRWeek Hall of Fame
  • PRWeek Best Places to Work 2021
  • Publicis’ new work abroad program
  • Disney’s new chief corporate affairs officer
  • Real Chemistry’s new CEO
  • BTS members’ individual Instagram accounts

Listen to their insights and discussion below.